In Mercfighter, Missions span multiple Threat Levels. The Threat Level increases every time the player takes on a new Mission. The Threat Level determines the difficulty of missions and enemies. Rewards for completed missions (e.g., part 3/3) are only gained when returning Home.

Home Base


Enter the refitting bay on the left side of base and press A to open the Refitting Panel.

Core Items

The starting ship contains 3 Core Item slots. Core Items provide major offensive or defensive stats and skill points and allow appropriate Skills or Boosts to be equipped. Navigate to a Core Item slot (empty or filled), and press A to select a Core Item to equip.

Skills and Boosts

Skills come in two varieties: Active and Automatic. Active skills are triggered when the bound button is pressed. Automatic skills are triggered on their own, depending on the skill.

Boosts are alternatives to skills. They provide additional stats but don’t have any functionality.

Navigate to a Skill/Boost slot and press A to select a Skill or Boost to equip.

Passive Skill Tree

Each class of Core Item has a unique Passive Skill Tree. Skill Points provided by Core Items may be allocated on any Passive Skill Tree. You must start from a root node at the top of a Skill Tree.

Passive Skill Trees are connected via highway nodes. These allow you to cross over to other Passive Skill Trees.


Each Passive Skill Tree provides 6 Module slots. Each Skill or Boost can link vertically to 3 Modules. Modules must be allocated using a Skill Point. Press B to deallocate a Module slot.


Enter the control room on the right side of base and press A to open the Progress Panel. This displays progress on faction bonuses. Once enough Faction Points are acquired for a particular faction, a bonus is unlocked.


Approach the launch gate at the top of base and press A to launch to the Junction. The starting Junction contains one mission from each Faction. Additional Missions will be locked to the chosen Faction until returning Home.



The Junction presents three Lanes for the player to choose from. Each Lane adds one new Mission which spans multiple Threat Levels. Viewing More Info will display rewards for completing new and existing Missions in that Lane.


Missions come in one of three types: Escalation, Blockade Run, and Nemesis.


Five waves of enemies per Escalation mission, each of which targets the player.

Blockade Run

Two transport ships are spawned per Blockade Run mission, one on the left and right. Failure to save a matching pair of transports results in failure for that particular mission.


Spawns one strong enemy per Nemesis mission, each of which targets the player.

The Assault

Entering a Lane begins the assault and activates each Mission. Each Mission is active concurrently. For example, three Nemesis missions would spawn three Nemesis enemies at the start of the Assault.

Missions spawn one of three packs of random enemies: normal, elite, and commander.


Normal packs spawn a large number of normal enemies.

Elite packs spawn a smaller number of harder enemies. Each Elite enemy has increased health, damage, and 10 additional levels. E.g., at Threat Level 10, an Elite enemy is at level 20.

Commander packs spawn a powerful Commander enemy, several Elite enemies, and several normal enemies. Commander enemies have increased health, damage, and 20 additional levels. E.g., at Threat level 10, a Commander is at level 30.


Multi Shot: compatible with Rocketry Cores. Fires three homing missiles with non-overlapping detection areas.

Explosive Missiles: compatible with Rocketry Cores. Fires a missile which explodes on contact or after reaching its closest approach to an enemy, dealing damage in an area to 2 enemies.

Auto Shot: compatible with Autocannon Cores. Fires tracer rounds. On contact, engages a secondary stream of projectiles directed at the target. The secondary fire’s maximum distance is determined by the Ray Length stat.

Flak Cannon: compatible with Autocannon Cores. Fires a cannonball, which detonates after a distance, releasing flak. The detonation distance is determined by the Ray Length stat.

Adrenaline Rush: triggered when shields are depleted. Scales based on maximum shields relative to Threat Level.

Stasis Orb: fires an orb which slows down nearby enemies.



Items have one of four quality types: Basic (white), Improved (green), Advanced (purple), and Prototype (gold).


Missions have an item budget for rewards. The remainder of the budget is converted to Scrap. When rewards are generated, there is a chance to generate a more powerful item than the item budget allows, but only if the player has enough Scrap.


Health: when health reaches 0, you die.

Armor: absorbs up to 75% of incoming damage and removes that amount from your current Armor amount. The damage absorption scales based on your current Armor amount relative to Threat Level.

Armor Regen: regenerates armor every 8 seconds.

Shield: absorbs all damage until depleted. Regenerates faster the lower the current Shield amount.